Peaceful actions greet International Labour Day

Tempo Interactive – May 1, 2005
Deni Mukbar/Siswanto,

Jakarta – May Day was commemorated today by hundreds of workers and mass organisations from Greater Jakarta at the Hotel Indonesia roundabout in Central Jakarta.

The action, which began at around 10am, was joined by a number of organisations including the Indonesian Association of Trade Workers (ASPEK) and Student’s Solidarity for the People (SMUR) who called for improvements to workers’ welfare and the proper application of the law on labour affairs.

Meanwhile at 11.20am, another mass organisations calling themselves the United People’s Alliance held an action at the State Palace calling on the government and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to strengthen domestic industries. Other demands including opposing the use of contract workers and improvements to the performance of national industries.

Since 7am in the satellite city of Bekasi, workers from a number of organisations had packed roads leading towards Jakarta concentrating in at number of points such as the Social Affairs Department in front of the Bekasi regional government offices.

The coalition of workers came from the Bekasi branch of the National Workers Union (SPN), the Bekasi branch of the Association of Indonesian Trade Unions (GSBI), the Permindo Oil Trading Workers Association, the PT Hirose Electric Indonesia Trade Union and other trade unions from the Bekasi regency.

Prior to this, they commemorated May Day by holding a long-march through Bekasi but delayed holding a demonstration as they plan to this later at the Hotel Indonesia roundabout.

[Translated by James Balowski.]

Sumber: Tempo Interactive


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